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A pair of Banggai Cardinalfish pose in front of a sea anemone. Image Credit: Scott Michaels

Courting pair of Banggai Cardinalfish, Pterapogon kauderni. Image by Scott W. Michael

American Marinelife Dealers Association
Backs Project with $3,500 Contribution

April 6, 2012 

The American Marinelife Dealers Association (AMDA) pledged late last week to back the Banggai Rescue Project at the $3,500 level, making AMDA one of the Project’s larger backers. Almost 150 individuals, associations, retail stores, and others have pledged more than $31,000 in support of Banggai Rescue. The AMDA contribution pushed the total raised over the $30,000 mark.

Previously, a very generous contribution by the Rev. Jeanne Warner, a Wisconsin reefkeeper, had helped the Project meet its $25,000 goal. Aquarist Peter Hyne from Toronto is a backer at the $2,500 level, and, outside of the Kickstarter Project, Michael Del Prete of Aqua Craft Products donated more than $5,000 worth of Marine Environment Dual Phase Marine Salt for Banggai Cardinalfish small-scale breeding research. Additionally, Ecoxotic and Current USA have teamed up to pledge over $2500 in safe, low-voltage, highly efficient LED lighting to illuminate the small scale breeding systems.

AMDA, founded in 1995 by John Tullock, is a non-profit organization promoting sustainable trade in living marine aquarium organisms. “Given its mission, AMDA is a perfect fit for the Banggai Project, which will be looking at, among other things, sustainability issues within the Banggai Cardinalfish trade as a microcosm of the industry at large,” said Project writer Ret Talbot, who will be embedded with the science team on a research expedition to the Banggai Islands.

AMDA - American Marinelife Dealers Association - LogoWhile AMDA has not been a high-profile name in the marine aquarium trade over the past several years, a restructuring of the Association aims to position AMDA as a key player in establishing a truly robust and sustainable marine aquarium trade based on best practices, effective education, quality livestock, responsible husbandry, and increases in captive breeding.

“We are pleased to support Banggai Rescue because the project encapsulates AMDA’s original mission and goals as an organization which are still relevant today,” says Liz Harris, secretary of the AMDA Board of Directors and owner of Creatures Featured in Madison, Florida.

Backers of Kickstarter projects receive various levels of rewards from the organizers, but do not become actual investors. The Kickstarter funding period will end Sunday, April 8.

Banggai Rescue on Kickstarter

We still invite people to back this work,” says Lawrence, head of Reef to Rainforest Media, based in Shelburne, Vermont. “Our hope is use additional funds to support on-going work with local conservation groups in the Banggai Islands who are struggling to fund education and collection enforcement programs in the native range of Pterapogon kauderni.

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