Banggai Rescue “Funding Successful” – What’s Next?

April 24, 2012 in Kickstarter Updates, Project Updates

Banggai Rescue Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

As of Sunday 8 April, our Banggai Rescue Kickstarter campaign came to an end. We had a goal of $25,000.00, but thanks to your enthusiasm for the Project, we raised $33,006.00 (that’s 132% of our goal)! We are excited to put your backing to good use, and we’ll be keeping you updated on exactly what that looks like both on the ground in Indonesia and back here in the States.

So what’s next?

Well first off, you should know all of us on the team have already been hard at work on the Project, so knowing we now have the funding is tremendously rewarding (and a huge relief!). In terms of the rewards, all of you who backed the Project at $10 or more will be receiving an email from us in the next month to discuss any options associated with your reward (e.g., art print or photographic print, name as it is to appear on the website and in the book, etc.) and to make sure we have the proper address for you. If you would like to review your reward level, you can do so here on our Kickstarter page at any time.

The best part of what comes next is staying abreast of what we are doing. You should expect reports from the team as we continue to work toward the publication of the book planned for release at MACNA in Dallas (September 2012). So be sure to check as well as the Kickstarter page, and if you have any questions, thoughts or comments, feel free to be in touch by using the contact information found on our contact page.