Post-MACNA and Banggai Book Update

October 24, 2012 in Project Updates, Slideshow


It’s been a bit too long perhaps since our last update, but those who’ve been following Banggai Rescue on Facebook have gotten many smaller updates over the past several months.

For those of you who didn’t make it to MACNA a couple weeks ago, Banggai Rescue authors Ret Talbot and Matt Pedersen, and artist Karen Talbot, were all on hand talking about our project.  Ret Talbot’s presentation at MACNA – Cardinal Directions – was the first in-depth insight into the team’s journey to the Banggai Traingle (as dubbed by Dr. Matt Wittenrich).  Ret is currently giving this presentation around the country at various local aquarium clubs – be sure to catch it if you can.

Pedersen’s presentation, The Aquarium Ark, touched on issues of breeding the Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kaudernii) with regards to conservation and genetic integrity. Karen Talbot created a fantastic birch-board painting of a Banggai Cardinalfish during the three days at MACNA, this original work was one of the Sunday raffle prizes at the end of the show.

Conservation artist Karen Talbot with the Banggai Cardinalfish piece she did during the three days of MACNA in Dallas. Image: Ret Talbot.

Conservation artist Karen Talbot takes pause to pose with an in-progress Banggai Cardinalfish piece she ultimately completed during the three days of MACNA in Dallas, TX. Image: Ret Talbot.

As many of you are hopefully already aware, the team opted to push back the publication of our book for, among other reasons, the need to wait for a data set to be completed.  But we didn’t want you to think that nothing has been happening.  This project generated no less than 8,000 images (Matt Pedersen alone), so more likely the team produced tens-of-thousands of images to be sorted through.

Most of the book is written at this time as well; again, we’re waiting on a few key puzzle pieces to come together to wrap it up.  I think everyone agrees that rushing to produce a semi-complete book, simply to hit an arbitrary deadline of being ready for “MACNA”, wouldn’t have been the right choice.

We thought you might appreciate a digital sneak peak of our work. MACNA attendees received a large tri-fold Banggai Rescue handout at the show, and you can download a full digital PDF version here.