Individual Supporters

We simply cannot complete this project without the generous support of individual donors.  Whether private aquarists, the names behind commercial enterprises,  or simply people who appreciate and understand the need to preserve our natural biodiversity, Banggai Rescue cannot be possible without the support of the individuals that pledge.  We extend our deepest gratitude for your support.

This list below is a chronological copy from our Backers Page on Kickstarter; newest supporters are at the end of the list. A special thanks goes out to the 153 pledges below that helped us secure our Kickstarter funding.

Judith Billard
Boston Aqua Farms
Bob Young
Mark Callahan
Bioted Marine AB
Caryn Neumann
Matt, Renee and Ethan Pedersen
Matthew Carberry
Matthew Rogers
Marc Levenson
Sandy Alligood
Ian Key
Walter LaRoque
Jens von Bülow
Colin Foord
Michael Cabo Levitz
Mahir Murat ONER
Eugene Schwartz
Cam Turner
Chris Brightwell
Guillaume Plamondon
Harry Tung
Sarah Soutter
Paul Dunlap
Michael Ruiz
Erik Gunnarsson
Long Priyono
Toni-Ann Mistretta
Steven Yong
Ian Springer
Jonathan Cooper
Peter Hyne
Arnold Mixon
Richard Hilgers
Rob Toonen
David Allison
Mark Sullivan
Jarrod Pace
Ellery Wong
Justin Brinks
Steve Lowes
Jeremy Pepper
Amy & Jon Wiers
Indo-Pacific Sea Farms
Tony Zäll
Daniel Odell
John Ratcliffe
Cammie Vogel
Daniel Cohen
Jerry Jones
Robert Glaser
Ben Thompson
Jeff Kolesnikowicz
Mike Hoang
Trent Roberts
Walmyr Buzatto
Sandy Moore
Craig Bunten
James Olgren
Jim and Kathy Grassinger
Scott Hughes
James Baker
Maurice Bullock
Tal Sweet
Wesley Parton
Jonathan Foster
Kelvin Olivo
Sanjay Joshi
Richard Ross
Kevin Zelnio
Dr. Alistair Dove
Roger Langton
Nick Turgeon
Genesis Reef Systems
Mike Cole
Thomas Conwell
Marine Fish Breeders Club – UK
Rafael Rabin
David Watson
Krist De Marez
Jessica Lawrence
Ross Wimmersberger
Dale Pritchard
Brad Cote
Mark Telzrow
Joey LaGrange
Zach Emerson
Patricia and Craig Kullberg
Rod Buehler
Barrie Grant
Logan Turner
Mike Doty
Pierre Groulx
Frank and Mary Wotruba
R Thomas
Joshua Vito
Jayne and Dennis Pedersen
Jeremy Phillips
Jeanne Warner
Micheal Newman
Mike Sokol
Mike Howe
Meeka, Ryan, Tate and Derek Kullberg
Joshua Zech
Hilary Foster
Timothy Tan
David Durr
Brenda Fondaw
Julio Gonzalez
LC Hsu
Kathleen M Leahy
Carl Nelson
Adam Youngblood
Matthew Haglund
Johnny Searcy
Tien Yuan
Linda Mahlum
Gary Beswick
Tan Jenn Chye
Darrell Golby
Ivan Oliveira
Micheal Jane
Brad & Terasa Anderson
Liz Harris
Orlando Reef Caretakers Association
Ruth Walter
Iliana Mock
Andy & Mark McClure
The Pet Advantage
Susan Hazard
Christophe Pansart
Bruce Eernisse
Derek Elkins
The Coral Shoppe
Robert Hintze
Advanced Aquarium
Jean and Frank Valenta
Andrew Ungs
Larry Waughon
Steve Panagiotidis
Shane Graber

A special thanks to all the above who pledged for Banggai Rescue at