James M. Lawrence

James Lawrence is an award-winning book and magazine publisher with a 30-year career launching successful publications that combine publishing excellence and entrepreneurial creativity, always with an underlying environmental awareness.

James M. Lawrence

Lawrence in previous dress-shirt-and-tie role as founding editor and publisher of EatingWell. Magazine.

Lawrence is editor and publisher of CORAL, The Reef & Marine Aquarium Magazine, the world’s leading saltwater aquarium periodical. Published since 1999, CORAL has garnered considerable praise for combining hands-on advice on aquarium husbandry with a deep respect and concern for the tropical coral ecosystems that are the source of most marine livestock.

Lawrence, who earned a degree in animal science from Cornell University and a master’s in communications from Syracuse University, spent two years in the Peace Corps working with 32 indigenous farming families in a land reform project in Colombia. After completing his term of service, he immediately entered the world of journalism and publishing.

Over a period of more than 30 years, he has successfully managed seven successful consumer magazine launches in Canada and the United States, and has won more than 100 national and international awards for writing, editing, art direction, and publishing excellence.

Lawrence founded EatingWell, The Magazine of Food & Health, in a small Vermont town at the forefront of the localvore, organic food, and healthful eating movements. Over a period of 16 years the magazine earned many dozens of national awards, including many prestigious James Beard Awards. The magazine was successfully sold to Meredith Corporation in 2011 for a price that exceeded the initial investment by more than 38-fold.

As adjuncts to the magazines, Lawrence has published more than 150 book titles for national distribution as trade non-fiction books. The subject matter has ranged from country living, gardening, and cooking to reef biology and aquarium keeping. He is credited with publishing more than six titles that have sold 100,000 copies or more.

In 1996 Lawrence started Microcosm, Ltd, in Shelburne, Vermont, to create high-quality titles for marine aquarists. The company has produced a string of highly acclaimed bestsellers in this niche, including the award-winning Conscientious Marine Aquarist and The Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder.

Lawrence will serve as editor-in-chief and publisher of the various editions of the BANGGAI RESCUE Project’s book, overseeing content creation, design, marketing, and project management.

James Lawrence lives and works in Shelburne, Vermont.