Ret Talbot

Ret Talbot is an award-winning writer and photojournalist with nearly 20 years of experience covering stories from some of the more remote corners of the globe. From the icy summits of the Andes to the reefs of Papua New Guinea, his assignments have taken him off the beaten track and put his readers face-to-face with stories of adventure, new ideas, and innovative approaches to commonplace issues.

Ret Talbot

Ret drinking kava with native fishers, on assignment in Fiji.

A graduate of the prestigious writing programs at Wheaton College and the University of St. Andrews, Talbot launched his career balancing work as a mountaineering and fly-fishing guide, freelance writer, and English teacher. His articles appeared in publications such as Outdoor SportsRock & IceFly FishermanShallow Water Angler, and American Whitewater. While not in a river, on a glacier, or at the head of a classroom, Talbot traveled extensively, lecturing on his own expeditions to places like North Africa, Alaska, Norway, Ecuador, and Peru.

Since 2007, Talbot has worked as a full-time freelance writer and photographer, penning stories for magazines and working on book-length projects. His most recent work has focused on marine ecosystems and the myriad interactions between humans and those ecosystems. Talbot has spent much of the last year interviewing fishermen, politicians, scientists, environmentalists, and other fisheries stakeholders about the concept of sustainability—from the artisanal fisheries of Pacific Islanders to the heavily politicized commercial fisheries of Hawaii.

Talbot frequently reports on the marine aquarium trade, and his articles can be found in a variety of trade publications. His aquarium-related books include The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saltwater Aquariums (September 2009) and Coral (forthcoming).

He is a senior editor at CORAL Magazine, for which he is currently working on a multi-year series of articles focused on sustainability and marine aquarium fisheries. Reporting from places as disparate as remote island nations across the Indo-Pacific and the massive import and wholesale facilities at Los Angeles International Airport, Talbot’s series of articles in CORAL Magazine has established the marine aquarium fishery as a microcosm for the complexities of international trade, socioeconomic development, and environmental conservation.

Talbot will serve as embedded journalist with the interdisciplinary expedition to the Banggai Islands in Indonesia. He will present the history of a unique species and look at the factors that will ensure it has a sustainable future in the aquarium trade.

Ret and his wife, Karen, split their time between Laguna Beach, California, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.